Born in the ‘80s and a young adult in the Noughties, I, like most of my generation, grew up warm, cosy and unquestioning.

But then a few years into working life something big changed with the global financial crisis. For probably the first time, I took a genuine interest in where we are and where we’re heading as a society, and why we got into this position at all.

This blog is a cluster of personal ideas, comments and observations on a society fast waking up to the fact that it has to change for the smarter, fairer, better.

As part of this, I will try to explore the issues around and possible solutions to a society confronting climate change, a growing population and the pressure this is putting on food, water and other natural resources.

The blog will also, I hope, provide a chance for others to share views and extend the debate, so do feel free to post a comment.

To drop me a line, email:     phil AT phildrew DOT me